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US-2013060222-A1: Process for manufacturing a package of folded absorbent articles, and package made thereby patent, US-2013068719-A1: Method using block copolymers and a hard electroplated mask for making a master disk for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks patent, US-2013087802-A1: Thin film transistor, fabrication method therefor, and display device patent, US-2013095608-A1: Methods for Forming 3DIC Package patent, US-2013101442-A1: Air suction pump and method for vacuum sealing vinyl bag using same patent, US-2013101703-A9: Non-dairy, non-soy whippable food product and method of making patent, US-2013150440-A1: Use of bis [thiohydrazide amide] compounds such as elesclomol for treating cancers patent, US-2013176695-A1: Button assembly with inverted dome switch patent, US-4548684-A: Treatment of manganese nodules patent, US-2013183354-A1: Compositions and methods for cancer treatment using targeted carbon nanotubes patent, US-2013189402-A1: Systems and methods for maintaining red meat patent, US-2013192466-A1: Process and apparatus for removing methane or another fluid from a fluid mixture patent, US-2013260454-A1: Multilayered cell culture apparatus patent, US-2013281577-A1: Stabilized Defoamers For Cementitious Compositions patent, US-2014014228-A1: Chassis assembly patent, US-2014086364-A1: Apparatus and methods for quadrature clock signal generation patent, US-2014107512-A1: Cardio mapping system and method for cardio mapping patent, US-2014120459-A1: Method for improving resist pattern peeling patent, US-2014144089-A1: Roof provided with an anchor system patent, US-2014158703-A1: Medication dispenser and method for dispensing medications patent, US-2014193210-A1: Adjustable raked pile driver using the push pull method patent, US-2014206698-A1: Methods of Diagnosing Diastolic Dysfunction patent, US-2014207566-A1: Device session identification system patent, US-2014260801-A1: Sorting mined material patent, US-2015018929-A1: Retrieval systems and methods for use thereof patent, US-2015050718-A1: Method for preserving enzyme patent, US-2015133483-A1: Dihydroetorphines and Their Preparation patent, US-2015147257-A1: Fluid capture of nanoparticles patent, US-2010307679-A1: Adhesive for corrugated cardboard for preventing package stack crumbling and method of preventing package stack crumbling with the same patent, US-2011188545-A1: Direct-sequence ultra-wideband terminal device patent, US-2011266514-A1: Memory cell comprising a carbon nanotube fabric element and a steering element patent, US-2011301217-A1: Selective Glycosidase Inhibitors and Uses Thereof patent, US-2011303597-A2: Device and method for treating a medical fluid and medical cassette patent, US-2012009226-A1: Highly pure laquinimod or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof patent, US-2012018417-A1: Multiple-in-one heating unit patent, US-2012039696-A1: Control System For A Load Handling Apparatus patent, US-2012131884-A1: Cooler Carton With Zipper Opening Feature patent, US-2012224443-A1: Sense amplifier with shielding circuit patent, US-2012224804-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012234017-A1: Gas turbine engine compressor arrangement patent, US-2012282192-A1: Oral care compositions patent, US-2012322247-A1: Method for fabricating high voltage transistor patent, US-2013018085-A1: iRNA Agents Targeting VEGF patent, US-2013134102-A1: Process and apparatus for water purification patent, US-2013142028-A1: Optical recording medium, manufacturing method for optical recording medium patent, US-2013255491-A1: Method and apparatus for eliminating or reducing quench water for a wet electrostatic precipitator patent, US-2013257148-A1: Transfer switch assembly and method patent, US-2013264574-A1: Semiconductor device, and display device and electronic device using the same patent, US-2014065071-A1: Sincalide Formulations patent, US-2010074894-A1: Pharmaceutical composition containing antibodies directed against the herv-w envelope patent, US-2010098590-A1: Cleaning device, method for detecting suction nozzle clogging, and automatic analyzer patent, US-2010154232-A1: Scented handle for use in a razor patent, US-2010208437-A1: Multilayer wiring substrate and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2010310232-A1: Imaging device, image processing method and program patent, US-2010311088-A1: Recombinant antigens for diagnosis and prevention of murine typhus patent, US-2011034097-A1: Ventilative and Absorptive Textile with Porous Material and Preparation Thereof patent, US-2011090962-A1: Effective error concealment in real-world transmission environment patent, US-2011189392-A1: Apparatus and method for producing reinforced composite polyurethane materials patent, US-2011246296-A1: Background process for providing targeted content within a third-party application patent, US-2011254563-A1: Connector monitoring assembly and a detector assembly including the same patent, US-2011268736-A1: Method for treating congenital myopathy patent, US-2012003224-A1: ANGIOGENIC AND IMMUNOLOGIC APPLICATIONS OF ANTI-CD160 SPECIFIC COMPOUNDS OBTAINABLE FROM mAb CL1-R2 patent, US-2012039413-A1: Multiple Gigahertz Clock-Data Alignment patent, US-2012040963-A1: 4-Biphenyl-Substituted Pyrazolidin-3,5-Dione Derivatives patent, US-2012050680-A1: Light intensity control apparatus, light intensity control method, program, and ophethalmologic apparatus patent, US-2012083709-A1: Systems and methods for detecting intrathecal penetration patent, US-2012085386-A1: Solar Battery and Method for Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2012195987-A1: Substances for reducing occurrence of major cardiac events comprising epa or derivatives thereof, optionally, dha or derivatives thereof and monacolin k patent, US-2012197378-A1: Balloon catheter with integrated stop feature for precise stent placement, for ostial, renal and other locations patent, US-2012275585-A1: Method of Transmitting Data in a Communication System patent, US-2012282610-A1: Oligonucleotides for Detection Test of Polymorphism of EGFR Exon 19 and Use Thereof patent, US-2013075707-A1: Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus patent, US-2013095346-A1: Heat-resistant component patent, US-2013127716-A1: Projector patent, US-2013135189-A1: Gesture-responsive user interface for an electronic device having a color coded 3d space patent, US-2013154164-A1: Apparatus for the processing of plastics material containers, beverage filling plant and/or beverage container production plant and method of shaping plastics material pre-forms as well as use of heating path conveying means patent, US-2013333097-A1: Sports Performance Enhancement Systems patent, US-2014175470-A1: Light-Emitting Device and Method for Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2014191851-A1: Near field communication enabled permanent rfid luggage tag patent, US-2014218842-A1: Capacitor cathode foil structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2014239056-A1: Systems and methods for implementing virtual customer replaceable unit monitors for solid ink customer replaceable units in managed print service environments patent, US-2014296559-A1: Synthesis of r-biphenylalaninol patent, US-2015025622-A1: Clocking Valve Retainer patent, US-2015054671-A1: Robotic sense-through-wall sensor with simplified control interface patent, US-2015147426-A1: Device and method for surface replication patent, US-2010081785-A1: Cationically polymerizable composition and method for controlling cationic polymerization patent, US-2010177370-A1: Piezoelectric transducer element, actuator, sensor, optical scanning device, and optical scanning display device patent, US-2010183622-A1: Vpr function and activity patent, US-2010255635-A1: Fabrication method of multi-chip stack structure patent, US-2010320496-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2011018364-A1: Horizontal linear vibrator patent, US-2011034380-A1: Combination of a selective ppar-gamma modulator and an incretin for the treatment of diabetes and obesity patent, US-2011048027-A1: Turbine Driven By Predetermined Deflagration Of Anaerobic Fuel And Method Thereof patent, US-2011052258-A1: Fixing roller for fixing unit, fixing unit, image forming apparatus, roller replacement aid for fixing unit, and method of replacing fixing roller in fixing unit patent, US-2011072297-A1: Spi devices and method for transferring data between the spi devices patent, US-2011318846-A1: Aptamer and detection method for C-reactive protein patent, US-2012012920-A1: Vertical non-volatile memory device patent, US-2012041126-A1: Hnbr compositions with very high filler levels having excellent processability and resistance to aggressive fluids patent, US-2012075475-A1: Validating asset movement using virtual tripwires and a rfid-enabled asset management system patent, US-2012118770-A1: Tablet accessory patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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