Brushless DC motor for vehicle


  • Inventors: SHIXIU ZHANG
  • Assignees: 张士秀
  • Publication Date: January 03, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2412788-Y


The utility model relates to a brushless DC motor for a high-performance vehicle. An outer rotor is a plane magnetic loop formed by the method that 16 soft-magnetic blocks and 16 permanent magnetic blocks with alternate N and S poles are stuck in grooves of the inner sides of end covers, and an inner stator is a no-iron core winding disk type armature formed by the three phases which are connected in a star shape and are solified and packed into integration by epoxy resin; an HALL effect position sensor and a circular ring-shaped circuit controller are arranged on the inner stator. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, good stability to rotating speed, high torque, strong function, smooth and beautiful appearance, firm fixation to magnetic steel, hard desquamation, wide applicability, high reliability, long service life, free maintenance and electromechanical integrated structure.




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