The utility model discloses a loudspeaker, comprising a stent (1) fixed in a base (2), a center suspension of loudspeaker (8) and a cone (6) connected with a voice coil (5) positioned on the stent, the base inside the stent is provided with two magnets: an upper magnet (31), and a lower magnet (32), a guide magnet tablet (33) is arranged between the upper magnet and the lower magnet, and the voice coil is hung outside a guide magnet tablet; the same magnetic poles of the upper magnet and the lower magnet are positioned in relative direction, the comparatively large U-shaped yoke iron is not used for the loudspeaker any more, and the thickness of the upper magnet and the lower magnet are made very thin according to the designing requirement, therefore the weight and the height of the loudspeaker are reduced significantly.




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