Air purifier of air conditioner



The utility model discloses an air purifying device of an air conditioner; and the device can effectively improve the air quality inside the room. The device includes: a light-catalyst bacteria killing coating which is coated on the components that the air flow passes through in the air duct system; a lamp tube which is provided inside the conditioner and used to irradiate the light-catalyst bacteria killing coating. The light-catalyst bacteria killing coating can adopt the nano titanium dioxide, the zinc oxide crystal whisker and other coatings. The beneficial effects of the utility model are: the light-catalyst bacteria killing coating is coated on the components that the air flow passes through; the coating can produce strong oxidation effect when irradiated by the ultraviolet radiation, can instantly kill the coliform and other bacterium, can remove the pollutants in the air with high efficiency, and simultaneously eliminate the bacterium and the viruses in the air; with the constant circulation of the air, the invention continuously purifies the air inside the room, and finally achieving the purpose of providing the user with a healthy and harmless indoor air environment.




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