Husking and peeling integrated machine for Chinese chestnut



The utility model relates to a Chinese chestnut shucking and skinning multi-function machine. The machine consists of a machine frame, a slitting knives box, an electric cabinet, a loading hopper and a shucking and skinning device. On one upper side of the machine frame, an electric cabinet is equipped, and on the other side, a loading hopper is equipped. In the middle of the machine frame, a slitting knives box is equipped, beneath of which, the shucking and skinning device is installed. The Chinese chestnuts are pushed into the peach-shaped rotary slitting knives component by a spiral propeller for cutting process, then shucking and skinning the Chinese chestnuts through the relative motion of the reticulate upper plate and honeycomb-shaped lower plate in the shucking and skinning device. The utility model solves the difficult problem of shucking and skinning the Chinese chestnuts, as well as ensures the material provision for the Chinese chestnut downstream processing companies to develop. The Chinese chestnut shucking and skinning multi-function machine works with one-time shucking and skinning success rate above 86% while the damage rate below 15%. In addition to the small size, light weight and simple operation, the utility model is especially applicable for the individual processes in the mountain and countryside areas.




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