Vacuum superconductive energy-saving electric heater


  • Inventors: SHUHAI HE
  • Assignees: 何树海
  • Publication Date: July 04, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2919113-Y


The utility model provides a vacuum, superconductive and energy saving electric heater and relates to the technical field of air boilers, with such structure as that a vertical row of radiating pipes 1 are provided with their upper ends linked up with an upper transverse tubule 2 whose both ends are sealed up, and lower ends linked up with a lower transverse pipe shroud 15 whose both ends are also sealed up; moreover, the vacuum, superconductive and heat radiation materials are positioned in the internal chambers of the vacuum and superconductive heating radiator group, and an electric heating pipe 13 fixed with a temperature sensor 12 is positioned in the internal pipe of the lower transverse pipe shroud 15, in which the electric heating pipe 13 and the temperature sensor 12 are connected with the power supply through a temperature controller 5. The utility model is characterized by simple structure, convenient use, quick heating up, energy saving, nimble and easy control, low cost, durable service, long service life, safe and reliable, compact structure, clean, healthy, environmentally friendly, economical, investment-efficient, convenient installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance and convenient for separate management, etc., with energy saving rate as high as above 70%. Therefore, The utility model is especially suitable for use in families or offices.




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