Cavity scope micro-wound tissue dissecting pliers


  • Inventors: XUEFENG HUANG
  • Assignees: 黄学峰
  • Publication Date: July 18, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2922812-Y


This is a hysteroscope minimally invasive tissue removing forceps for blunt separating deep tissue under a hysteroscope and relating with the plastic and reconstructive surgery. This is a medical device that makes surgical separating through minimally invasive cuttings under a hysteroscope and blunt separating and peeling tissues among deep tissues in the small cuts. This is a minimally invasive tissue hoe scaler under a hysteroscope and has the following structure: the two jaws of the head are connected with the two handles through a push-pull rod, the two handles are connected with the spring steel and the handle body is featured in sleeve-type push-pull structure and the two jaws are connected with the push-pull rod in the outer and inner sleeves through a certain of facilities and units.




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