Material dewatering and fresh keeping device



A materiel dehydration, cooling and preservation device is provided, which comprises a vacuum processing room(1), a cooling heat exchanger(12), a vacuum air pump(9) used to vacuumize for the vacuum processing room(1), a vacuum valve C(8) arranged on the connection pipeline of the vacuum air pump(9), a fan(7) that one end is communicated with the cooling heat exchanger(12) to draw out air from the vacuum processing room and the other end is communicated with the heating heat exchanger (3)to supply air to the heating heat exchanger(3); a heating heat exchanger(3), a vacuum valve A (5)and a vacuum valve B(6) which are separately arranged on the pipeline between the cooling heat exchanger(12) and the heating heat exchanger(7) and the pipeline between the heating heat exchanger and the fan(7), a filter(19) valve used to circle air to the vacuum processing room(1) and a control cabinet(18). The utility model is characterized in that the energy consumption of processing is low, the temperature and humidity inside and outside of the material are well- distributed, the humidity after processing can be controlled in 70-88 percent without deforming, and the machine can be used in storage and transport of long time and low temperature.




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