Multifunctional trammer type center plate riveter



A multifunctional cart-type center-plate riveter is provided, the technical features of the utility model are that: a high-frequency pneumatic rivet gun can be driven by two multi-process lifting cylinders to adjust randomly in up and down directions, furthermore, the up and down locations of the rivet gun can be precisely positioned through adjusting the directional valves; the left and right locations in the horizontal direction of the rivet gun are precisely positioned by two horizontal cylinders; at the bottom of the center-plate lifting mechanism, a ball joint mount is arranged and at the upper part, a center-plate supporting rotary table is arranged; multi-process lifting cylinder supports the center-plate supporting rotary table through inner and outer guiding housing; the ball joint mount supports the earth, which makes the cart frame can rotate around the center axis of the multi-process cylinder. The riveter has the advantages of reasonable structural design, random angle rotation around the center-plate lifting mechanism, automatic center-plate support, convenient centering, precise positioning, flexible operation and high efficiency, thereby resolving the problems of the hydraulic riveter, such as too much energy-consuming, tedious operation, etc. The utility model makes the riveting work safe, rapid and convenient, thereby decreasing the labor intensity of the operators in a large scale, and improving the work environment.




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