Multifunctional barrel


  • Inventors: YUANYING ZHANG
  • Assignees: 张媛颖
  • Publication Date: August 08, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2931315-Y


The utility model relates to a multifunctional barrel that comprises a barrel body and a handle, wherein the barrel bottom is provided with rollers, the barrel body is connected with a water outlet pipe, the surface of the handle is provided with a rubber sleeve and the barrel bottom is inserted into a chassis. In using the utility model, users can normally load various articles into the barrel, move the barrel, only push the barrel body to slide by the rollers arranged on the barrel bottom, and fix the barrel, users only need to insert the barrel body into the chassis, and to drain the water in the barrel, users can both normally invert the barrel body to drain the water and open the water outlet pipe to drain the water. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model is simple in structure, convenient and practical, safe and reliable, and beautiful in appearance, the utility model can move rapidly and drain water without manpower.




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