Body energy ranging generator charger


  • Inventors: ZHENGYONG TAI
  • Assignees: 太正勇
  • Publication Date: August 08, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2932820-Y


A physical ability range generator charger comprises a magnet steel, a rotor, a stator coil, a stator iron core, a printed-circuit card, a bonding rectifier diode, an eccentric wobble wheel, an expansion line of generator, a fixing screw of installment hole, a axle core, a holding screw, a bearing base and a bearing. While carrying the charger in the pocket, the eccentric wobble wheel rotates or side-to-side sways with the moving of the human body to generate power for mobile phone, GPS position finder. The charger is not only capable of being attached on human body to generate power, but also applicable to onboard and horse back.




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