Ultraviolet light-cure resin lacquer melamine surface-decoration middle density board


  • Inventors: SHUJIANG BI
  • Assignees: 毕书江
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2933779-Y


The utility model relates to a UV curing resin paint melamine finishing medium density board. The existing civil decorative board uses benzene, formaldehyde or other aromatic hydrocarbon solvent paint to prevent surface corrosion, damp and to decorate buildings. Countless children were infected with leukemia because of the curing and volatilization of those harmful organic substances, and this brought heavy burden and undue disaster to the state and nation. The utility model comprises a medium density board (1) whose side has a composite melamine finishing board (6). The melamine finishing board (6) is painted with the UV curing resin coat. The product can be used as the modern office, cabinets, furniture, sanitary, and high quality decorative board material, applied to the requirements of pollution-free occasion.




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