Anti-block screw conveyer


  • Inventors: BAOHAI,WANG HE
  • Assignees: 何保海
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2937031-Y


The utility model relates to a spiral conveyor against blocking, matching with dust collector, comprising a terminal bearing, a tail bearing, a driving device and a conveyor shell. An inlet and an outlet are arranged respectively at two ends of the convey shell, a shaft with a spiral slice is arranged in the convey shell; two ends of the rotary shaft are respectively connected with the terminal bearing and the tail bearing, a group of blade is arrange on the rotary shaft, the blade rotates with the rotary shaft and with the theory of pulsator, completing mixing and pushing of congealed ash, under the action, the ash gets more relaxing during convey process against ash blocking. Meanwhile, the diameter of the rotary of rotary shaft is increased to reduce the viscidity of ash to the shaft wall and the blades and the torque is increased for more convey efficiency with more stability and reliability.




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