Photovoltaic hollow glass curtain assembly



The photovoltaic hollow glass curtain wall member pertains to the area of building material; wherein a wire groove(16) is arranged in the space in the structure of the hollow layer of the glass curtain wall to disposes the electric conducting circuit and the connected sections(1,2,3,4) of several solar cell sets to prevent negative influence on the shaped and construction of the curtain wall which is caused by the connections in the circuit, a back plate edge part of the connected section of which links the electric conducting circuit and the neighboring cell sets is added to stretch into the space between the circuit and frame and to be bended(15) to insulate the electric conducting circuit from the frame. So the adoption of the non-glass back plate material reduces the weight of the curtain, improves the processing performance, arranges a diode(3) in the circuit to prevent damage caused by the hot spot effect in the photovoltaic memer. The proposal retains the processing craft of the normal photovoltaic member, has the function of power generating and light pollution reducing while reserving the functions of the hollow curtain wall of the heat reserving, heat insulating, sound insulating, safety and decoration, brings a clean energy source and provides the structure basis for the improvement to the design and construction of the installation craft. The utility model can be widely used on the surface of the curtain wall and the roof, etc.




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