Gear counting device



The utility model discloses a gear position counting device for gear shift frequency statistics, which is mainly composed of a shifting fork which is insertedly arranged on the side of a gear position operating rod and can slide backwards and forwards, leftwards and rightwards along the operating rod, a forward/backward sliding axle, a base body which has two side walls with a certain distance between the two walls, a front sensor, a back sensor, a left sensor and a right sensor. The shifting fork is connected with a swing arm; one end of the forward/backward sliding axle is pivoted on the swing arm at the place near the swing arm end which connects the shifting fork; the two side walls of the base body are provided with face to face formed through holes only for the forward/backward sliding axle; the forward/backward sliding axle is fixed with a counting chip at a certain place between the two side walls within the movement range of the sliding axle slides; the front sensor and the back sensor are respectively arranged on both sides of the counting chip and fixed on both side walls of the base body; the two side walls structure a long groove for the swing arm of the shifting fork; the left sensor and the right sensor are respectively arranged on both side of the free end of the swing arm. The counting device has advantages of simple structure and compact layout.




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